Research Projects: Switchable Molecular Magnets

In collaboration with our medical department we are developing smart contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Switchable contrast agents are important for catheter-based surgery on stroke patients. Our new approach has the potential to replace the traditional computed tomography (CT), because it avoids the high radiation exposure of CT. Further developments aim at developing responsive contrast agents which report on temperature or pH. They could be used for early detection of cancer, inflammation or metabolic disorder.

Key Publication:
Magnetic Bistability of Molecules in Homogeneous Solution
Science 2011, 331, 445-448.

October 2013

Beilstein-TV Reports on "Record Player Molecules"

An episode from Beilstein TV reports on the development of switchable contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the workgroup of Prof. R. Herges.

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The movie shows the collaboration between organic chemistry and neuroradiology at the university medical center Schleswig-Holstein to foster the development of switchable MRI contrast agents. The synthesis of the so-called "record player molecules" in the laboratory as well as the envisioned clinical application are demonstrated.

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